Our company

Established in 1997, ECHAMI has become a comprehensive scaffolding solution provider, renowned for the expertise of its team and a commitment to innovation. This focus on innovation positions ECHAMI to tackle the most challenging projects in the construction sector, leveraging advanced equipment and technical proficiency.

More than a quarter-century since its inception, ECHAMI has emerged as a key player in the Lake Geneva region, with a robust team of over a hundred professionals across its Geneva and Lausanne sites. The company boasts an extensive scaffolding inventory exceeding 1.3 million square meters, enabling it to execute a wide range of projects, regardless of scale or complexity.

ECHAMI’s ethos is built on four pillars: quality, reliability, safety, and efficiency. Prioritizing safety and continuous employee training, ECHAMI actively participates in the Swiss Scaffolding Contractors Association (SESE), is certified by the Joint Professional Commission (CPP), and is a pioneer in distributing the SIAC card to all its workers.

On its 20th anniversary in 2017, ECHAMI embraced a strategic shift towards social and environmental responsibility. This shift has led to significant initiatives such as transitioning to an electric vehicle fleet and installing solar panels on its warehouse. These efforts have earned ECHAMI recognition in the SIG-éco21 program, highlighting its dedication to sustainability.