Our services

ECHAMI offers comprehensive and flexible scaffolding solutions, leveraging the required skills for the smooth execution of your construction and renovation projects. As a major player in this field in the Lake Geneva region, ECHAMI is continually entrusted to design and implement innovative technical solutions and capable of handling the most complex situations and ambitious projects.

Split between our Geneva and Lausanne sites, our workforce of more than 100 specialists is able to quickly and efficiently deploy many kilometers of scaffolding tubes given its 900,000 m2 of scaffolding equipment available.

The ever-increasing demands of our customers drive us to frequently increase the level of safety of all our work sites. Firstly, by integrating continuous training into our procedures (more than 60 training courses have been completed over the last four years) and secondly by acquiring high-performance equipment, including “H” frames (increased safety during the assembly / dismantling stages), steel skirting boards, joining plates etc. Thus, all work assigned to us is carried out in accordance with the requirements of SUVA.

To increase and ensure the quality and safety of our work, we commissioned and have been working with a health and safety company (S4YG) since 2016 to optimize our procedures.

Our teams will support you and offer you their expertise throughout the project — during the study phases before the start of the project or during the operational phase — optimizing timelines, safety or accessibility.


Scaffolding for facades Toggle

We have scaffolding of various types available, lightweight (200 kg/m2), heavy (300 kg/m2) and extra-heavy (450 kg/m2), thus ensuring maximum flexibility for the work required.

From new builds, replacement of stone facades, and church restorations to rounded, uncommon or quirky buildings — we do it all.

Temporary roofs Toggle

Temporary roofs allow work sites to be operational in all weather and seasons. This means that the work is completely covered and sheltered. During the work, it is also possible to set up temporary openings to allow supply to the site.

Our roofs are made from aluminum — which greatly facilitates handling. They can be ground-assembled then craned or directly assembled by hand.

Two types of roofs are available. Heavy roofs for large spans (up to 37 m without any intermediate support) and lighter roofs for smaller jobs.

Technical office Toggle

Our technical office will be invaluable to you when carrying out complex or sensitive operations.

Our engineers regularly undergo specialized training and have all the CAD tools on hand to calculate, simulate and design each specific project detail. All quotes are calculated according to specific rate schedules and integrated into dedicated ERP software.

Freight elevators | Manlifts Toggle

For many years we have specialized in the installation, commissioning and management (including maintenance) of freight elevators and pinion manlifts.

These hoisting engines take load capacities between 500 kg and 2,000 kg (3,700 kg in certain cases) on platforms with a maximum area of 1.45 m x 3.2 m.

The lifts themselves are intended for use on very high towers and can travel up to 30 m/min.

Note: M1 licenses for operators are required.

Hoist towers / winches Toggle

The towers are freestanding towers, or towers fixed to the scaffolding, which can safely supply the site with load capacities of between 500 and 1,000 kg by means of winches mounted on rails.

Hoist towers are frequently combined with reception walkways and often used in urban areas.

Public stairs and walkways Toggle

During renovation projects, free access for users of the building is often necessary. Sometimes these points of access are also required to be adapted to emergency exits.

In order to comply with the strict standards of SUVA, we use a complete and approved stair system with a step width of 1.5 m, side barriers with 10 cm handrails, intermediate bearings, as well as connecting walkways.

Roof-edge barriers Toggle

For renovations, repairs or the installation of solar panels, we offer a wide range of roof barriers: buffered, buffered with skirting board, with clamps, with counterweights, gutter-based, offset buffered or even custom-made.

Specialized work Toggle

Whether it be oversized objects, suspended platforms, dramatic cantilevered structures, highway/civil engineering works, demolitions or boats… we are experienced in handling projects with special requirements and our teams are motivated by and always ready to take on such challenges.

We also regularly collaborate with event companies on stands, performance spaces, and temporary installations.