Our company

Company history

Since its founding in 1997 by a visionary builder, Mr. Miranda Miguel, the company has focused on innovation and quality, becoming one of the leading players of construction in the Lake Geneva region. The company was registered as a public limited company in 2001 under the name ECHAMI ÉCHAFAUDAGES SA.

Four years later, the current warehouse in Vernier was built. Its storage area of 8,500 m2 optimizes operational flow and accommodates around one hundred employees, 900,000 m2 of scaffolding and a fleet of about thirty vehicles.

In 2007, the current owner, Roger Henking, joined the company and initiated a series of reforms, including the adoption of an ERP management system. Less than twelve months later, a subsidiary in Lausanne, Echami Léman SA, was set up to support development throughout the Lake Geneva region and its surroundings.

A key focus in 2015 was on improving the quality and sustainability processes: ongoing training became essential and ECHAMI’s first apprentices were welcomed. The Association for Swiss Scaffolding Contractors (SESE/SGUV) also awarded the company with its quality mark.

Benefiting from 20 years of experience, ECHAMI continues to evolve with a radical update to its communications strategy. A new visual identity was created and has been rolled out throughout the company from its logo, stationery, website, vehicles, clothing, scaffolding, and beyond. This image for the company embodies a more mature tone, consistent with its values of quality and efficiency.


We are committed to the satisfaction of each of our customers, and help them define their exact needs in order to develop bespoke and customized solutions. We guarantee the quality of our work throughout each project, as this alone guarantees our continued success. We accomplish what we promise, while also meeting deadlines.

For this purpose, building sites are monitored by experienced supervisors, teamed with qualified and diligent staff and monitored by professionals in the field. In order to guarantee an ideal working environment, we respect collective agreements, while systematically training our employees and placing safety at the center of each and every operation.

In the same vein, our company is one of the few companies from Romandy, the French-speaking area of Switzerland, to be certified by the Swiss Joint Commission for the Assembly of Scaffolding (CPP), i.e. it complies with the requirements of the tax administration, VAT, contributions for Old Age and Survivors’ Insurance (AVS) / Disability Insurance (AI) / Allowances for Loss of Earnings (APG) / Unemployment Insurance (AC), health insurance, pension funds, the Swiss National Accident Insurance Fund (SUVA), public liability insurance (RC) premium, training for accident prevention (PERCO), the debt collection and bankruptcy office as well as collective labor agreements.

From the start, ECHAMI has strived to remain at the forefront of the field by quickly incorporating new technologies and enhanced management practices. The improvements are ongoing and provide benefits to not only the customer, but also to every level of the company.

Finally, we consider our company to be reputable in its practices through its commitment to transparency, strict adherence to official rules and its fair-play attitude towards the competition. We provide detailed quotes with fair and competitive prices.